Specialty Cakes - Click Here

Modern Floral Birthday Cake - Click Marimekko Inspired Birthday Cake - Click J G Melon Cheeseburger Groom's Cake - Click Fancy Anniversary Cake - Click
Jewish Themed Anniversary Cake - Click Celebration Cake - Click Birthday Present Cake - Click Paul Frank Inspired Birthday Cake - Click
Summer Birthday Cake - Click Present Mini Cakes - Click Two Tiered Birthday Cake - Click Suitcase Cake - Click

Specialty Cupcakes and Cookies - Click Here

Floral Cupcakes - Click Baseball Cupcakes with Iced Cookies - Click Birthday Cupcakes with Buttercream and Cookie- Click Baby Celebration Cookies - Click

Standard Cakes - Click Here

Chocolate Cake with Ganache - Click Dobosotorte - Click Chocolate Chiffon Cake - Click Chocolate Ribbon Cake - Click
Tiramisu - Click Charlotte - Click

Cookies - Click Here

Meringues - Click Palmiers - Click Black and White Cookies - Click Checkerboard Cookies - Click

Pastries - Click Here

Petits Fours - Click Lemon Tartlettes - Click Napoleon - Click Croissants et Pains au Chocolate - Click
Danish Envelopes - Click Danish - Click Canollis - Click Pains aux Raisins - Click

Pies and Tarts - Click Here

Fresh Fruit Strip - Click Fruit Tart with Pastry Cream - Click Blueberry Cheese Tart with Crumb Topping - Click Chocolate Hazelnut Tart - Click
Cranberry Apple Pie - Click Raspberry Linzer Tart - Click Raspberry Frangipan Tart - Click  

Plated Desserts

Creme Brulee - Click Assorted Sorbet in Nut Tulipe Bowl - Click Lemon Meringue Tart with Fresh Berries - Click Strawberry Sorbet - Click
Pear Tatin with Cinnamon Ice Cream - Click Chocolate Mascarpone Tart with Banana Sorbet - Click Chocolate Covered Marshmallow on Shortbread Cookie - Click Earl Gray Chocolate Soup with Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich - Click
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