Stacey Richman Allen
Some of Stacey's fondest childhood memories involve cooking and baking tasty treats with her Mother and three sisters. Whether it was decorating gingerbread cookies or cupcakes for birthday parties, Stacey would spend hours carefully picking through sprinkles or mini M&M's, selecting the colors needed to carry out her design perfectly.

With a lifelong passion for the arts and a creative flair, Stacey was determined to study at NYU where she could be a subway ride away from some of her favorite museums and theaters, in addition to studying painting, drawing, sculpture and photography with some of the best in the business. While in college Stacey was famous for cooking elaborate Friday night feasts for friends and catered several student movie sets, all from her tiny dorm room.

Still, it wasn't until after graduating and working at a private Manhattan high school for a few years that she fully embraced the idea of a career in the food business.

Stacey chose the Institute of Culinary Education to pursue a degree in Pastry Arts and was thrilled to earn a coveted externship with Elisa Strauss at Confetti Cakes, a specialty cake boutique on the Upper West Side. It was there that she honed her cake decorating skills and experienced the true artistry of the craft.

Stacey is now running her own business in New Jersey where she creates custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies for clients who savor delicious, meticulously decorated confections, made from only the finest quality ingredients.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of natural and creative art forms, Stacey thoroughly enjoys the challenge of turning an idea into an entirely edible centerpiece to highlight any special occasion.

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